Side Saddle v1.4

Bugfix patch

Side Saddle
Last updated March 21, 2016 Download: 7Z · RAR · ZIP

Available for: SNES, SFC, RPGOne v1.2b

The Vanish spell has a cool animation. Whenever a character Vanishes, they have a ghostly "wipe" effect applied to them. The problem is, if that character is riding Magitek Armor, the animation will be drawn over the armor, meaning that the character's legs become visible outside the armor. This patch ensures that, for a character riding Magitek Armor, legs are excluded from the animation.

NOTE: "Magitek Madness" also fixes the same bug as this patch, rendering this patch obsolete. However, if both "Magitek Madness" and this patch are applied, "Magitek Madness" will have no effect. To fix this, either remove this patch or apply the compatibility patch included with "Magitek Madness".