Hello! I have recently entered the practice of writing hacks for the game Final Fantasy VI. The game was released as Final Fantasy VI in Japan for the Super Famicom, but was renamed Final Fantasy III when it was released in North America for the Super Nintendo. As awesome as the game is, it is plagued by a multitude of bugs that severely undermine its greatness. However, I'm of the opinion that if there was a way to remove every single bug from the game, the result would be truly remarkable. It may even be better than top contenders like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VII (although I know that idea is going to be very controversial). So to that end, I've posted a bunch of patches that fix just a few of the bugs in the game, as well as a few minor tweaks. I'm hoping to post more patches as I keep finding more bug fixes. Several of the bugs in the game have already been fixed by other people who have been finding fixes for over a decade, so for those of you who are really puristic, I've included links to their pages as well. Keep in mind that you will need a copy of the ROM (which I will not include for legal reasons) and a patching program.

What's New


Thanks to the following fellow hackers for the help and resources they have provided that have made my patches possible.

  • Assassin: for his great consultant work and his bank C2 disassembly
  • Everything: for his amazing battle animation script document
  • Imzogelmo: for his free space allocation document and his disassemblies of banks C0, C1 and C3
  • Novalia Spirit: for his bank EE disassembly and his Remote Control patch
  • Xenovant: for his constructive feedback which has helped shape several of my patches