Rippler Bug Fix v1.2

Bugfix patch

Rippler Bug Fix
Last updated March 3, 2018 Download: 7Z · RAR · ZIP

Available for: GBA, SNES, SFC, RPGOne v1.2b

The Rippler Lore swaps all statuses effects on its target with those on the caster...too many status effects, in fact, because they include things like Terra's Morph and Shadow's Interceptor, which can be lost permanently if you're not careful. Terii Senshi has also created a patch to fix this particular problem, and my patch is based on that patch, but with the addition of another bug fix. Since anyone with Zombie status has 0 HP, if someone loses Zombie status because of Rippler, they will still have 0 HP but will be alive. This patch fixes both of these problems, the latter in one of three ways that involve restoring a different amount of HP. The algorithm that gets used by the game is completely up to you.