Killer Life 3 v1.4

Bugfix patch

Killer Life 3
Uploaded January 30, 2018 Download: 7Z · RAR · ZIP

Available for: GBA, SNES, SFC, RPGOne v1.2b

If an Undead enemy is struck by a weapon with the ability to instantly kill enemies with an "X", the enemy will revive immediately after being killed. However, if that enemy was previously the target of Life 3, the game will recognize that they were killed and cast Life on them, which will kill them because they're Undead, even though they should technically still be alive. Even if the Undead enemy is killed by some other means, Life 3 will not revive them, indicating that Undead enemies are not meant to be revived by Life. Therefore, this patch stops Life 3 from having any effect on Undead enemies.