Soul Saved v1.4

Bugfix patch

Soul Saved
Last updated January 15, 2018 Download: 7Z · RAR · ZIP

Available for: GBA, SNES, SFC, RPGOne v1.2b

When you fight Wrexsoul, he is accompanied by two Soul Savers that respawn when they are killed. They harass you throughout the fight while Wrexsoul possesses one of your party members. However, they are not immune to Instant Death attacks, and X-Zone stalls their respawn by one turn, so if you manage to kill them both simultaneously using X-Zone, the battle will end prematurely with your victory. This is technically cheating because you win without having to defeat Wrexsoul, but this patch makes that impossible in one of two ways. You can either make the Soul Savers immune to Instant Death, or the battle will not end while Wrexsoul is possessing you. The Soul Savers will respawn after you make a move.

NOTE: The latter fix conflicts with my "Dead in the Air" patch. If you wish to apply both, apply "Dead in the Air" first, then apply ONLY the patch intended for compatibility.