Dead in the Air v2.4

Bugfix patch

Dead in the Air
Last updated January 15, 2018 Download: 7Z · RAR · ZIP

Available for: GBA, SNES, SFC, RPGOne v1.2b

If a Condemned character Jumps, and their timer runs out while they are in the air, the game will replace the resulting Wound status with Air Anchor status, which will kill them when they land. The problem is, they will still have 0 HP, so if the battle ends before they land, they will technically still be alive but will have 0 HP. This patch ensures that such characters are re-Wounded in this event.

There are also some ways a battle can end and items that were scheduled to be used are not replenished in the inventory; this patch has the additional fix for this neglect.

This patch also has the effect of correcting a minor error that occurs with the Espers' +30% HP and MP Level Up bonuses. The +10% and +30% bonuses actually give slightly more than that due to binary limitations; the +10% bonus gives +10.15625%, while the +30% bonus gives +30.46875%. This patch adjusts the latter bonus to +30.078125%.

See the readme for details on how to remove versions of this patch before 2.0.